The Best Proxy Server: for Mac and Windows PC


If you are at a university or a school with many students and you ask them to choose one, Apple or Windows. You would see everyone with their different picks and reasons for their choice. Nowadays everybody uses laptops and PCs for educational purposes. To get their homework done, write papers and do assignments. The educational institutes provide with the free Wi-Fi connection to use the internet on their Mac or Windows laptops.

System for Using a Proxy Server

Mac is the Macintosh that is a line of personal computers and laptops manufactured by Apple Inc. The operating system runs only on the computers manufactured by Apple Inc. The operating system Windows runs on many laptops like Dell, Acer, Samsung and Toshiba. If you are going to use the Wi-Fi at your school or university, the authorities can see everything you are doing. You have no privacy. They can even see your messages. More importantly, they block many social interacting sites such as twitter, Facebook and Skype. In order to save yourself from the trouble, you can use the best proxy server for your laptop.

A proxy server can be used in both Mac and Windows. You just need to know where to get it and how to use it and the differences in the service of the proxy server in a Mac and a Windows PC.


Setup & Installation

The first difference is the options on how to use them. In a Mac, it is much easier. You start with the Apple icon at the corner of the screen just like the Start menu of a Windows PC. There select “System Preferences” and then Network. In the Wi-Fi option, select Proxies and select the IP address your best proxy server has provided. In a Windows PC, you go to the Start menu, then enter the Control Panel, then the Network Options, then look for Local Area Network (LAN) Settings. From there look for proxies and select the best proxy server you are using.



One of the rewards of the proxy settings for your Mac computer is that they are knotted to the specific network you put them on. For instance, if you are connecting to “School Wi-Fi” and fill in a proxy setting and then after coming back to your home and connect to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, the proxy setting you have set up earlier be used only on the ‘School Wi-Fi’ network.


Cost & Pricing

The best proxy server for your Mac might cost you more than the best one for your Windows PC.  The Apple products have always been known as pricey or expensive because of their excessive price. One of the most regularly mentioned differences between Macs and PCs is their cost. Very rarely, Mac products sell for less than a thousand dollar while there is lots of Windows PC you can get with that amount of money.



It is very easy to find a long list of proxy servers for your Windows and pick out the best one. You can read reviews and comments. You can read the long description each proxy servers come with. There are many price ranges starting from only $5 to $50. There are monthly plans and yearly plans. Some are even free of cost. There is software that run on only Windows which will repeatedly collect and give you the chance to experiment hundreds of proxies every day. They are very easy to use and you get many features.



When you are browsing for the best proxy server for your Mac or Windows, you come across lots of rating, reviews and comments both good and bad. You will find out after research that the best proxy for Mac has the highest rating and are filled with a 5-star rating and good comments.

When going for the best proxy server, choose the one that suits your PC, the operating system it runs on whether Windows or Mac. The best proxy server will help you in many ways such as you can use the social networking sites at your university or workplace.


Best proxy Server



Author: bestproxyserverweb

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